Website Redesigns

Don't let your business website look dated as it gives your competitors an opportunity to have an advantage over you. As more people use the Internet to find products and services there are also more businesses appearing online and it is crucial that you stay ahead of the rest and keep your website looking modern and up to date.

Look good, stay relevant

Many of our clients approach us to redesign their website because they have recently changed their corporate identity or simply care about the business image they want to project.

Website design goes through similar cyclical trends as fashion, cars and housing. By redesigning your business website, you help retain visitors and encourage them to look further into your website.

Improved functionality

Another reason why you may want a redesign of your website is to allow there to be more functionality for both visitors and yourself. Many websites designed a few years ago were done as 'static pages' which makes it harder and more costly for you to update - hence leaving your content outdated.

We can help redesign your website to use a content management system so you can do your own updates. There are also a wide range of other additions we can do to your website that may not have been possible a few years ago such as a news section, newsletter archive or photo gallery.

Content restructuring

Are visitors having issues finding content on your website or are you getting a lack of enquiries from the website? Before starting the website redesign we find it ideal to get this feedback from you along with any other concerns you may have.

We will analyse the current statistics to see which sections of your website are the most or least popular so that we can evaluate which pages need better presence on the homepage or in your website menu. This helps achieve an effective redesign that has been purpose built for your visitors resulting in them looking further through the website and resulting in improved sales and enquiries.

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