Mobile Website Design

A few years ago, it was common not to be concerned about visitors to your business website using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. These days, handheld devices are an important tool used daily by most consumers and businesses alike.

We can optimise your website so it works seamlessly on mobile platforms, ensuring visitors can find information they need regardless of the device they use while not compromising the quality of the design.

Responsive Website Design

Many websites can be difficult to navigate on a mobile device. We can craft your website to adapt to the height and width of any mobile device used by visitors. This method of reconfiguring how your website looks depending on the size of the device is known as responsive website design and has become the industry standard for optimising your website for mobile.

By using this design approach we are able to display the website elements that are key for mobile users including changing how certain sections (such as the navigation) work so that the website is easier to use from these devices.

Mobile Landing Page

Some visitors to your website simply want to access basic details like your location and contact details without having to navigate through every page. We can create a simplified single-page version of your website design with mobile users in mind which provides crucial information while maintaining the essence of your business presence.

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