Content Management System

Our content management system (Breeze CMS) will allow you, the owner, to update and make changes to pages on your website at your own leisure and from anywhere with an Internet connection. If you can use a word processor like Microsoft Word then you can easily make changes on your website through the use of our word processor styled content editor.

Breeze CMS

Breeze CMS has been developed in-house in response to many of our clients' requirements and is a CMS that has been built with commercial businesses in mind. It is now used for over 130 different businesses ranging from lawyers, engineering firms, restaurants and even government and not-for-profit organisations.

Tailored to your requirements

When developing Breeze one of our key goals was to make the system easy to modify and suit your requirements. Using Breeze for your website allows it to be more flexible and be extended with any other functionality (such as a newsletters system or a document manager) that you may require either now or in the future.

We don't believe in limiting what can be achieved with your website using our CMS. There is no need for any costly frequent upgrades - our CMS is built for the future of your website.

Search Engine Friendly as Standard

Breeze is search engine friendly out of the box. This means the link names (URLs) for the pages on your sites are relative to the title and content of the page - not a big link that is just full of useless letters and numbers.

This assists in your website appearing in search results on popular search engines such as Google and also allows for links to pages on your site that you can email to people that make sense. See below for an example:

Non Search Engine Friendly URL

Non Search Engine Friendly URL

Search Engine Friendly URL

Search Engine Friendly URL

No Lock-ins or Centralised Systems

A key feature of our content management system is that we develop your website to be self-contained so that it allows you to have full control over where the website can be hosted. There are many content management systems that now require you to host only with the website designer's server as they centralise the one copy of the CMS for multiple clients – limiting you from being able to change providers if needed at a later date.

We believe in giving you the freedom and confidence to know that you are not locked in when it comes to the options and flexibility of your website after going live.

Breeze CMS Pricing

We sell Breeze as a complete package for your business - we include the full design of your website, content creation and modification, and content management system all in the single price. We specialise in developing complete solutions for our clients - not just selling software.

Unlike others, our content management system doesn't have any on-going license fees and as the core of the system is separated from the design of your site we are able to update the system with no interruptions to your website. We also include 6 months of free updates to the software running your content management system.

We also include at no extra cost, one hour's training on how to update your website along with a printable user guide for future reference.

Sounds Perfect - How Do We Get It?

The next step is to either fill in our easy quotation form or contact us so we can provide you pricing on using Breeze to suit your requirements. We don't have one 'flat price' - we believe in providing a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

We are also more than happy to arrange a demonstration of our content management system for you any time just so you can see how easy it really is to be in control of the content on your website.

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