Custom software development is no longer limited to large organisations with extensive in-house infrastructure. Modern web development practices and technology enable us to build applications with greater ease than ever before. 
Clear Pixel have been developing custom web applications for a wide range of industries for over 15 years. Our consultants, developers and designers are based locally and we do not outsource our work offshore as we believe that the best work can only be achieved when working together as a team.

KEY advantages

  1. Tailor-made
    We create customised web applications that meet your business requirements. Off-the-shelf products may not fully satisfy your requirements and having a tailor-made solution will improve your business processes.

  2. Efficiency
    Organisation is a critical aspect of business profitability. Using an application tailored to your business, you can save staff time and prevent mistakes. Do away with error-prone paper-based processes and stop moving data between emails, Word documents, spreadsheets to accomplish your tasks.

  3. Ease of access
    Users will be able to access the application from anywhere as long as they have internet access. No need to worry about configuring different computers and operating systems, or remote desktop and VPN setups.

  4. Usability
    The latest technologies and best practices in web development allow us to develop web apps that are fast and easy to use. 

  5. Productivity
    With custom web apps you can integrate multiple systems to automate your business processes. This helps reduce cost and increase productivity.



Development Process

Our application development process has been based on many years of software project management experience and ensures that all features of the system are implemented correctly, on time, and on budget.

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Pricing is worked out on a per-project basis and is dependent on the time involved. Once the project is finished, the application belongs to you. We don't charge any ongoing licensing fees and you're free to host the application through any provider you choose.

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