Website Performance Reports

Our performance reports are designed to make it easier for you to know how your website is performing compared to previous months and other competitors websites. These reports are emailed to your inbox quarterly in PDF format for ease of archiving.

The reports are based on the website statistics software we put in place for your website and are an in-depth overview based on certain areas of the statistics that we see as being vital for you to monitor.

Understand how your website is performing

An advantage of using ourselves for these quarterly reports is that you have a professional keeping an eye on your website's performance at all times and have a report delivered to your inbox each period with all of the details you need to know on how your website is performing.

These reports are developed based on our many years of digital marketing experience and will highlight to you the areas the website has been performing well, along with areas that may need attention. We will explain any technical terms to you and ensure that the report is easy to follow.
Even though you will or already have access to web statistics software, we find many clients do not check the statistics often enough or lack the knowledge/skills in how to use web statistics software to it's full potential.

Is your Website Keeping Visitors Satisfied?

An important component of these reports is to study if the visitors to your website are staying and for how long. We compare your statistics to industry expectations based on your website size & content to ensure that the website is matching our visitor expectations.

We will also make suggestions on what can be improved to ensure that visitors are staying for a longer period and taking action from your website whether it be a contact form or another 'call to action' on your website.

The Process

Upon commencing the program, with your assistance we will compile an initial analysis of the website to form the key areas of the website to be measured. This includes pages you see as being critical and 'actions' on the website you want to be measured.

We will then start to send you the quarterly reports in the first fortnight of each quarter. We also ensure that there is provision for a quarterly discussion (up to ½ hour) to cover any areas in a report you may want to know more about or develop new tactics for the website from.

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