Social Media Marketing

Many web designers ignore social media, treating it as a minor aspect of online media. Clear Pixel understands its value and were early adopters of social media - our founder Lee created a popular automotive forum well before the days of MySpace!

Custom Tailored Strategy

We can provide you with the training and knowledge to tackle popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest head on. Becoming active on social media allows existing and potential customers to follow your business online. We can custom tailor a social media strategy tailored to your design and which best reaches out to your customers and your industry. They might not be visiting your website every week but many of them are logging onto many of the popular social media websites daily.

Similar to your website, you want your presence on social media to best reflect your business. With many platforms like Facebook and Twitter encouraging users to design profile photos and banners, it can be daunting for users with little knowledge of graphic design. We can design your profile to make it something you can be proud to maintain, while staying linked within your established branding.

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