Search Engine Optimisation

We will conduct a full overview of your website based on the search phrases that you want to be found for on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. From this overview we will create of a list of suggested changes which we will provide to you to look at and approve or make additional suggestions upon.

Once we have approval for the changes we will then make the necessary modifications to your live website to allow the optimisation to commence. We ensure that these changes will assist your site in starting to rank higher then it is currently in search engines to help increase the visitor traffic to your website.

Measuring the Success of the Optimisation

As part of the optimisation process we will assist in placing measuring tools to capture your increase of traffic and see what areas of the optimisation have been successful. As part of implementing these tools we also setup areas/actions on the website to be set as 'goals' (such as completing a contact form) to calculate the percentage of visitors that have been a successful visit – commonly called the 'conversion rate'.

Website Optimisation Standards

We ensure that your website is optimised in an ethical manner unlike other providers that utilise 'spam' style tactics that may have good/quick results - but usually these tactics only last for a short period of time and if caught using these tactics, search engines (like Google) will remove your website from all search engine results.

We believe in providing you a dependent and long lasting optimisation of your website that is done according to the rules and expectations of major search engines. Our overview is drawn from over 11 years experience in optimising websites and we always ensure that our team is utilising the most up to date strategies when it comes to optimising your website.

Evaluation of Your Key Search Phrases/Words

We will work with you and assist you with the evaluation of key search phrases/words that you want your business to be found for in search engines such as specific industry/product searches in regions set by yourself. As part of this evaluation we also assist with creating key search phrases/words that other competitors might not be targeting to help assist you being found for a broader range of search phrases.

Comprehensive Overview of Your Website Content

Once we have a list of key search phrases/words we then proceed to the next part of ensuring your website content contains and emphasises these phrases/words. This is a key part of the optimisation as the content of your website is what search engines will determine your ranking on.

As part of evaluating the content we also ensure that the coding used for the website is appropriate and easy for search engines to look over with the usage of Headings, Alternate Descriptions for Images, Page Titles, Page Descriptions and URLs.

Updating your website

The implementation of the changes involves us logging into your website and modifying the code and content for your website. This includes modifying the template/design for the website, content pages, server settings, page settings and any additional changes we suggest in the overview.

All of these changes are conducted by our web developers and are ensured to be done to valid and current web standards which will assist with the optimisation of your website.

Website Goal Tracking

As part of the overview we may set certain 'goals' on the website that should be tracked by the website statistics software. These goals will be certain areas and actions on the website that are to be tracked such as sending an enquiry form or opening a certain page.

Once the goal tracking is in place we can start to evaluate what percentage of users achieve the 'goal' when visiting the website. From this average percentage we can then further determine where visitors have come from and evaluate what areas of digital marketing are currently achieving a better ROI (Return on Investment) such as search engines, Yellow Pages, Google Adwords, business directories or even an advertising banner on another website.

We use the results of these goals to assist you in making more informed choices in where to allocate any budget for digital marketing and also as part of the monthly performance reports.

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