Google AdWords Campaigns

Google Adwords is the system behind the 'sponsored links' that you see on the side column or above your search results when searching online using Google. These are paid listings by businesses to drive additional traffic to their website.

It is one of the most popular online marketing avenues that businesses chose as the traffic that comes from Google Adwords are based upon searched terms by users – meaning your website listing will only appear when people are searching for terms related to it.

Pay Only for the Clicks to your Website

One of the other great advantages is that when your listing appears in search results it doesn't cost you any money, you only pay for when someone actually clicks on the link in your listing – this is called Cost Per Click (CPC). This means that you are only paying for traffic that is actually coming directly to your website and not for people just to see your listing.

Can't I Just Setup the Campaign Myself?

A large majority of Australian large businesses now use Google Adwords including Toyota, HP, Sony, LJ Hooker and Coles. This has created a large number of other listings that you will be competing with and now require someone to professionally setup your campaigns to ensure that your listing is seen and is working efficiently for you.

Also, by having someone professionally setup your campaigns for you it will reduce your overall running costs as the campaigns will be more effective in reaching to your targeted audience.

Evaluation of Key Search Phrases/Words

We will work with you and assist you with the evaluation of key search phrases/words that you want your business to be found for in Google Adwords such as specific industry/product searches in regions set by yourself. As part of this evaluation we also assist with creating key search phrases/words that other competitors might not be targeting to help assist you being found for a broader range of search phrases.

This is a critical phase of the setup of your Google Adwords account as it will help ensure that we are also targeting phrases that other competitors may not be – reducing the overall running costs of your campaign.

Setting of Budgets for Campaigns

We will advise you what are the ideal budgets to set for each campaigns dependent on your advertising budget for the website. With the utilisation of tactics like multiple campaigns we are able to ensure that your return on investment (ROI) is much higher along we ensuring that appropriate tracking is in place (as described below) to see what campaigns may need re-consideration.

Integration of Adwords Tracking into Google Analytics

We will integrate the tracking of visitors from Adwords in your website statistics tracking software so that we can analyse how effective your campaigns have been by measuring important factors such as length of time on site and number of pages viewed compared to visitors not from Adwords. This will help us gauge and see what campaigns are being successful and also see what campaigns may need altering to ensure that they are being effective.

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