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Easternwell had just recently gone through a major rebranding of their company and as part of that process needed a new website that would reflect the new branding in a professional format for their clients and team.

One of the key goals of the website was to increase the number of people that apply for positions with the company and as a result the website has a strong HR focus with the use of team imagery and ease of navigation to the people section of the website - which is now the highest visited section of their website.

Careers Microsite

Easternwell regularly attends trade shows across the country to attract new talent and needed a specific "microsite" for them to lead potential applicants to so that they could showcase to these applicants what it's like to work at Easternwell and their success stories.

The end result is an easy to navigate microsite that allows the visitor to easily see the careers specific content in a brochure style format that follows the Easternwell branding. This allows visitors to the trade show to easily access the website via a QR Code or URL on their mobile device either at the show or afterwards.


Check-In Job Application

As part of the trade shows Easternwell attend, they've previously encouraged attendees to "register" with them for future positions in the company via a paper based form. This method became difficult for them to manage and they needed an easy application process that would not only attract more talent but also reduce their time in managing these applications.

We knew this would be a perfect opportunity to utilise our Custom Web Application development skills and build a specific web application that would allow applicants to register with Easternwell. The web application is simple to use and asks specific questions based on the details the applicant enters - allowing Easternwell to get more useful information from their applicants and narrow down the right people for future positions.

This web application is built to run on the iPads that Easternwell now take to all of their trade shows and allows applicants to simply "check-in" with Easternwell and register their details with ease.



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Established in 1975, Easternwell is Australia's leading integrated energy and mining services provider. They now have 6 locations across the country including Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne and work with major mining companies including Santos and QGC.

  • Content Management System
  • Job listings integration
  • Careers microsite
  • Custom Web Application