Youtube videos and your website

Posted July 2018 by Jai Warner

YouTube is a video sharing website where users upload, view, rate, share and subscribe to others. You might be thinking "How can YouTube be of use to me and my online business?" Usually I'd tell people to google it, but I have already done that for you...

Embeds are the #1 way of implementing video content (such as YouTube) on your website. This is where you upload a video to YouTube for free, then stick it in your website!

You might be thinking "why would I put a video on my website", so let's look at some reasons:

Instantly capture attention

If your business wants to capture the attention of visitors to your website, a charming video is the way to go. One great way to do this is a video banner. Google and YouTube have recently changed how videos react on websites with the 'auto-play' function only working if the video if muted. No user wants to be invaded by the sound of advertising when you first enter a site, that’s what radio is for. So, if you create a short, visually informative and striking video, you can expect some thumbs up from your audience. Don't believe us? Just look at DMS Creative's site, beautiful right?

Videos are great at getting the point across.

You can add YouTube videos into your site's content that involve information about your products or services. EPEC Education nailed this concept with a short video outlining everything they are about. Why read when you can listen?

Conquer your online presence

Most of you will have social media for your business. The five most used social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and you guessed it; YouTube. Videos on YouTube can be shared to most of the others! Instagram is the only one that doesn't allow it as, in many ways, it's trying to compete with YouTube with the new update that came out... YouTube can be used for brands with video content, explanations for products or even sharing expertise. If your video is public on YouTube then people could also find you through that platform, keep that in mind when giving your videos a title and description and posting them in various places. Remember to keep it short and sweet and don't post too much, video spam is not cool.

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Jai Warner

Jai has spent the last 6 years honing his skills to create engaging websites and stellar online experiences. From hand coding websites from scratch to managing projects and new clients, Jai became the jack of all trades. Former Director/Owner Lee Haskings has offered Jai ownership of Clear Pixel and to pursue a new adventure. Jai is a Motifo specialist and runs on caffeine.

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