Why we now make websites using Craft CMS

If you’ve worked with us in the last decade or so, then you may remember that we used to create websites using our own propriety Content Management System - Breeze. It was a good system, but times rolls on and technology evolves, so I wanted to take this chance to go through why we used Breeze and why we’re now using something different – Craft CMS.

Why we used our own CMS - Breeze

Before developing Breeze, we worked with a lot of different systems from other companies, but there wasn’t an option that was up to our standards. Popular systems were difficult for clients to use and obscure systems lacked features that our clients needed. So, we built our own. At the time, that was a great decision and for years our clients enjoyed a system with usability at its core. We didn’t have to hack our way around an Admin Panel to make things work, we could build exactly what our clients needed.

Time rolls on

Breeze was a good system, but time rolls on and Breeze began to age. Newer technology was being released that allowed quicker development of new features and much greater flexibility in how things are structured. We had to face a difficult question “Can we find a system that’s good now or do we need to develop the next version of Breeze”. Through our hunt, we trialed everything that we could find until we stumbled upon a diamond in the rough (so to speak) – Craft CMS.

Why we now use Craft CMS

When I first saw details about Craft CMS, I was skeptical. I usually am, but the promises they were making seemed too good to be true. A configurable admin panel would remove the need to develop custom modules, saving our client’s thousands and matrix fields would allow for more complicated layouts without creating content editing issues.

It sounded too good to be true.

So, I tested it. Again, and again. I was looking for its hidden critical flaw. Every system has a “deal breaker”, so I was hunting for it, but to my surprise I came up empty. It passed. We trialed it on a project to test it further, but it passed again. Two years on, I’m still looking for the “deal breaker" and two years later I haven’t found one.

So, why do we develop with Craft CMS? It’s the bloody brilliant system! I’m sure one day a better system will emerge, but for now Craft CMS is the best system that our clients could be on, so we’ll keep using it.

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