What if I can’t afford my dream website?

Is your company growing? Time to finally get your business it’s first professionally built website? It’s a very exciting, but sometimes your dream website doesn’t quite fit within your budget. What can you do if what you want is out of your price range? Let’s look at some options.

Ask an agency if they have any cheaper offerings

When you contact a good agency to get a quote, the people you talk to will immediately start thinking out the best website for your company. When we then put together a quote, it’ll be for this ideal website. So, if the quote you’ve received is out of your price range now, then you could talk to that agency again and asking about other options. They may have an entry level system that can be used to keep costs down for yourself and if they don’t then no harm done. We do a pretty good job of working out the best system for our clients when we're quoting, but we're all only human and we're happy to provide a more cost effective option if budget is a concern.

I’m a firm believer that it’s better to go with a great agency’s cheapest option, than an average agency’s most expensive, so find an agency that you’d love to work with and if the first quote isn’t in your price range, then ask if they have other offerings.

Simplify your functionality

What usually costs the most money in a higher end website build is additional functionality (especially if it’s complex). Websites usually have a lifespan of around 4 years, so you could remove some “non-critical” functionality from the initial site. Then if you have some spare funds the following year, you can have the same agency add in extra features. This way you can work toward the best website for your company over time and lessen the financial hit of the initial build. Make sure to discuss the implications of removing parts with the agency though as some sections may be more important than others for search engine rankings or for the end user.

Re-evaluate your budget

Unfortunately, some clients we talk to just don’t have the budget for an entry level website (with a good agency of course). In this case, you really only have two options; you can re-evaluate your budget to free up more funds or save up for a bit longer. If you’re able to free up some more funds, then this may allow you to get an entry level professional website. If not, then you could use a free website builder like Motifo for now and get a higher end website later on.

Save up for a better website in a year or two

It’s important to remember that you can use an interim solution while you save up for your dream website. If you absolutely can’t afford even an entry level website with a good agency, then you may be better off creating site with a DIY system like Motifo or SquareSpace for now and saving up for a year or two. I’d much rather see people using a service like Motifo than signing on with a dodgy agency and being stuck dealing with a shoddy site or worse, a scam-artist.

Hopefully following through these tips will help your business get it’s first professionally developed website, but if you’re not sure where to start with it all then you can always just start calling agencies like us (shameless plug) and we can assist you in working out your options.

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