The Importance of Content Structure: Horizon Accounting Group Case Study

Traditionally website content has been written and structured into pages by business owners and just implemented by Web Designers, but is this still good enough?

Visitors Need To Find Information Fast And With Ease

Website visitors these days are getting more and more tech savy. They know what information they're looking for and want to find it as soon as possible. If they can't find what they're looking for then they get frustrated and are less likely to get in contact or make a purchase.

What this means for businesses is that their website now needs to present this information to visitors in a way that's easy for them to find and digest, but what's the best structure to use? Unfortunately there's no one size fits all. Some industries need a very simple structure and others need something more complicated.

How We Achieved This For Horizon

We recently completed a website for Horizon Account Group where this was a key focus. Their clientelle and potential future clients needed an easier and faster way to find information on their key services.

After thorough analysis we were able to work out a simplified content structure that focused on the core areas of their business - Accounting and Financial Planning. We were then able to work with the client on structuring their content into the simplified structure which we could then create their new website around. To match this simplified structure, it was important to design a minimal Homepage that's focused on these key areas.

Minimal Options = Quicker Navigation

When a new visitor arrives at the site they're now offered only four options - Accounting, Financial Planning, About and Contact. There's no additional clutter and nothing to take their focus away from that choice. This allows visitors to get to the information they want faster and with fewer clicks. A happier visitor means better conversions from the site and we're really excited to watch the stats for the new website improve with the new design and content structure.

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