Say hi to Steph - our new digital strategist!

Posted July 2016 by Lee Haskings

Hi my name is Steph! I have taken on a brand new role at Clear Pixel as a Digital Strategist in the Toowoomba office. As a new role, it has been continually evolving since I first started just over a month ago. My days are filled with many diverse and exciting (well to me anyway) tasks that include everything from digital strategy to visual web design to data analysis.

I have a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from USQ, a Diploma of Graphic Design from TAFE South West and am working towards a Masters of Business (Integrated Marketing Communication) at QUT. I am also recently Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified! You may be asking; so how do all these qualifications go together?

When I started studying my psychology degree I realised very quickly I did not want to be a Clinical Psychologist but rather my interests lay in social psychology and consumer behaviour. Unfortunately, while consumer behaviour is a growing field, Australia doesn’t have post graduate qualifications for people wanting to become Consumer/Marketing Psychologists - so I have crafted my own path and skillset.

No doubt my role will change and grow as Clear Pixel does, and am very excited to be a part of such an innovative company!

Article Written By

Lee Haskings

With over 18 years in the web industry, Lee is a well-respected industry leader in developing online strategies for businesses utilising the latest technology trends.

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