Integrating web with the rest of your business

When getting a website developed, most business owners don't know what they're looking for and what's available. There's a vast number of Content Management Systems out there and odds are you haven't used many in the past which is why it's so important for your developers to find the right system for you.

Working With Toowoomba Friendlies Mobility & Independent Living

We've recently completed a site for Toowoomba Friendlies Mobility & Independent Living - - where this was a key concern. They have a vast product range that is always updating, so manually updating the products on the website each time there's a change really isn't practical (or appealing).

That's where Magento comes in - an eccomerce system that already syncs with their front of shop system. This means that instead of them needing to update the products on the website, the website automatically updates to get the latest data - saving them countless hours over the life of the site and minimizing the chance of any incorrect listings.

Not all systems will be able to sync to your website, but if yours can, then wouldn't it be ideal to find a web solution that works with the rest of your business?

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