Happy 25th Birthday to the first Website

This time 25 years ago on the 6th August 1991, the first website was uploaded to the World Wide Web. Now it's estimated that there are 1.06 billion websites online and yes, of course there's a website to monitor that!

First Website

The first ever website. Thankfully things got better from here onwards!

Who Created The First Website?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the World Wide Web) published the first website about the World Wide Web project itself. He announced the website’s creation on several hypertext enthusiast internet discussion groups, simultaneously debuting the Web as a publicly available service. This date is described in history as ‘The Birth of the World Wide Web’.

First Image

The first image uploaded on the internet (1992). Now there's 300 million photo uploads to Facebook in a single day (hopefully there's at least one better than this one).

The www Has Progressed Our Country

We, at Clear Pixel, are both proud and excited to be part of an industry that is creating enormous progress and opportunity for Australia and around the world.

Australia ranks 13th in the world for the World Wide Web’s contribution to our social, economic and political progress. Australia’s best score came from the ‘Relevant Content’ index with 95/100.

Don't Forget, Content Is King When It Comes To The Web

Clients and customers are always looking on your website for relevant content that answers what they're looking for. Make sure they can find it fast and that you keep on updating your website with valuable and engaging content.

If you need help with achieving this, don't forget we're here to assist you in making sure your content is on the right track for your visitors.

And please, make sure any images you use on your website are better than that one above!

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