8 Shopping Centres, One Solution

Posted January 2016 by Jai Warner

Fort Street Real Estate Capital is the investment manager for the Australian Property Opportunities Fund series that targets small-to-medium-sized assets in the office, retail & industrial sectors.

Fort Street came to Clear Pixel with 8 shopping centres in their portfolio requiring a new website. To allow for scalability across all of the current and future centres we developed a solution utilising a single template structure that could be themed for each shopping centre.

Each centre's website now has it's own individual branding with unique design features. We also developed the template to be responsive so that it can scale down for mobile visitors which now represent more than 60% of their website traffic.

Check out the centre websites below:









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Jai Warner

Jai has spent the last 5 years honing his skills to create engaging websites and stellar online experiences. He is our in-house Motifo specialist and runs on caffeine.

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