2017 - A year in review

The past 12 months have been very exciting for us at Clear Pixel and 2018 is gearing up to be even better. Here’s some of our highlights from the past year.

Our New Client Manager

This year we’ve been very excited to have Edwina join our team as a client manager. Unfortunately, she won’t be staying on with us past Jan 2018, but we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed working with Eddie and will miss having her on the team.

Keeping Busy

The start of the year was a bit slow, but by the end of March we were into full swing and experienced one of our busiest years in recent history. We also managed to lower our turnaround time during our peak periods thanks to our dedicated team.

Our CMS Situation

This past year we’ve been reviewing our internally developed Content Management System, Breeze3. Breeze3 has been a great development platform and a powerful system for our clients to manage their own websites, but we’ve always longed for a third-party system that meets our very high standards and facilitates heavier customisation for individual sections. This year we finally found the system we were looking for – Craft – and we look forward to developing more websites in this system in the future.

Digital Marketing

We’ve always offered strong digital marketing services to our clients, but this year is when we’ve been able to lean further into this area and offer these services to a broader range of clients. Our Digital Marketer, Steph, has been hard at work assisting our clients in promoting and enhancing their websites to strengthen their web presence.

Eugene’s Departure

One downside from this year is that our Lead Developer finished up with our team and moved to start an exciting new job in Product Development. He’ll be greatly missed, but we’re all very excited to see what he’ll accomplish.

Personal Highlights

Lastly, let’s rapid fire some exciting personal events from the year:

  • Steph holidayed in the UK for 3 weeks in December and as a member of the Labor Party, was very happy with the results of our last QLD election
  • Lee’s second child, Ethan, was born into this world in May and he’s ecstatically enjoying getting to know his second son
  • Greg returned to Japan for another incredible 2-week holiday
  • Jane moved to Melbourne with her partner and continues to work with our team from Melbourne
  • Jai took a road trip around Australia to see more of our wonderful country
  • Eddie become a bird lady this year by adopting 3 chickens and pet bird
  • Our team went indoor snowboarding, acquired quite a few bruises and had an amazing time

On to 2018

2017 has been a great year for us, but we have great plans for 2018 so bring on the new year!

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