Tailoring to your Target Market: Lawson Accounting Case Study

Posted on August 24, 2016
Tailoring to your Target Market: Lawson Accounting Case Study

In our last case study of Horizon Accounting Group, we discussed the importance of content structuring, but how should you structure your site when you have two or more very distinct target markets that engage with your services or products differently?

This is a common problem we face with a lot of clients, from schools to engineers to not-for-profits. When you focus too heavily on your offerings and not who you are offering them to, you can miss these important and unique sub-markets. By trying to please everyone with an offering, you can end up pleasing no one.


Having a generic “Our Services” section that breaks up the target markets inside each service will mean the user will have to go back to the menu over and over to find all the different content that is relevant to them. How frustrating!

This will also mean when running paid advertising (such as Google AdWords) clicks may lead the visitor to the content that they are looking for but not all the content they might find valuable to their search needs. Or worse yet, there may be a small amount of content in there the user is looking for but it is hidden among irrelevant content. And let’s be honest, if our visitors wanted to get to the bottom of a mystery they’d be watching Netflix not solving “The Mystery of the Missing Tax Return Checklist”.


Lawson Accounting offers services to two key target markets in the Toowoomba area - businesses and individuals. While they pride themselves on being the “Down to Earth Accountants” to all their clients - they still talk and appeal to the two target markets differently. As well as that, both types of clientele (and Google) appreciate tailored and relevant information - just for them.


We then split their menu and content in two – Individuals and Businesses. The ‘Businesses’ could then be divided into information for their three specialities ‘Transport’, ‘Primary Production’ and ‘Construction’. The page has relevant services, relevant language, a relevant informational pdf to download and a contact form just for them - and the same for the ‘Individuals’ page. This website design and structure also helps Lawson Accounting track who is going through their site and for what reasons.


As Lawson’s now embarks on an advertising campaign for tax returns, we are keen to see how the new visitors interact with the new content structure - and find that mysterious Tax Return Checklist…

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