The Development Process

Our application development process has been based on many years of software project management experience and ensures that all features of the system are implemented correctly along with ensuring the project is developed in line with the estimated budget and time frame.

1 - Initial Meeting

We conduct an initial meeting to overview the application, defining your requirements for its functionality, who the users will be, and how we can design the application to meet their needs.

During this meeting we will also start to 'wireframe' the layout of the new interface and work with you on the look and feel along with covering any potential issues or initial concerns you may have with an existing system.

2 - Specification and Proposal

Next, we will complete an initial proposal for the application which will outline the specifications for the system along with approximate pricing and development timeframes for the application.

Upon approval of the proposal we will then commence setting 'milestones' for the project which will be based on the specifications and functionality for the application outlined in the proposal. These milestones will be used to ensure the development of the application is following the anticipated timeframes and allocated budget based on the initial proposal.

3 - Interface Design

During this stage we will work with you on the design of the application interface. This will start with the initial interface 'wireframes' of the application from the initial proposal which we will seek your feedback on and continue to develop with you to an approved stage.

Once the interface wireframes are approved we will then commence with the visual design of the application interface which will include the branding for your company along with any other key elements that are required. The design of the application interface will be designed based on modern user interface expectations and will go through our own internal user experience testing. This will ensure the application interface will be designed to a high standard and ensure that it is intuitive for the majority of the users of the application.

4 - Implementation

Once the Interface Design is completed and approved we will commence with the development of the code framework for the system. For the development of the application we will be using the latest versions of web-based technologies including PHP, HTML5, CSS and Javascript.

During the development of the code for the application we will build the system to account for all possible scenarios that have been discussed along with ensuring it is coded in a flexible manner. This will assist with allowing additional features to be implemented in the future and ensure the longevity of the application for your business so that it can grow with the business's requirements over time.

5 - Testing

After the implementation stage has been completed (or during the later stages) we will provide you with live working samples of the application that you can commence testing internally. These will be hosted on our own live testing server that will be available for you via password based access.

During this testing stage we will outline to you the completed areas ready for testing along with the areas still outstanding. We aim to provide you with live working samples as early as possible during the development of the application as it will allow you to see the progress of the system along with being able to provide feedback earlier during the development process.

Once the system is at a final stage we will provide you with a 'release' version that you can conduct your own internal user testing on and once approved will be able to progress to the deployment of your application.

6 - Deployment

At the start of this stage we will commence with the setup of the chosen server hosting package including the required security and backup systems. You will be provided with all server access details to ensure that you still retain full control of the server the application will be hosted on.

Once the server setup is completed we will install the application onto the server and commence with the final testing of the application to ensure that it is responding and performing as expected.

To ensure the deployment of the application is successful we will have our development team readily available in case there are any unforeseen issues not encountered during the final testing of the application.

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