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Custom software development is no longer limited to large organisations with extensive in-house infrastructure. Modern web development practices and technology enable us to build applications with greater ease than ever before.

Clear Pixel have been developing custom web applications for a wide range of industries for over 8 years. Our consultants, developers and designers are based locally and we do not outsource our work offshore as we believe that the best work can only be achieved when working together as a team.

KEY advantages

  1. Ease of access
    Users will be able to access the application in the office, from home, or on the road. It doesn't matter where they are as long as they have internet access and a computer with a browser, and there's no need to worry about configuring different computers and operating systems, or remote desktop and VPN setups.

  2. Easier to update and administer
    Updates to the custom web application will be accessible by all users immediately. There is no need to distribute and install new copies of the application on each user's computer.

  3. Less infrastructure
    There are many ways custom web applications can save your business money. A less expensive computer infrastructure will be required as the server the application is hosted on will be doing the majority of the work - the end user just needs a computer capable of running a modern Internet browser.

  4. Save time and prevent errors
    Organisation is a critical aspect of business profitability. Using an application tailored to your business, you can save staff time and prevent mistakes. Do away with inefficient and error-prone paper-based processes and stop moving data between emails, Word documents, spreadsheets, and other various programs to accomplish your tasks.

User Interface and Usability

The usability of your web application is one of the most important aspects of your system being a success. We believe in designing applications that are not only easy and intuitive but also have an appealing interface - encouraging users to use all the system's features.

Our team has extensive experience with developing web applications for a wide range of purposes including stock management,  customer relations, document management and educational tools. Part of our development process includes research into the best practices for your industry and evaluating similar software applications.

We are constantly refining our development techniques whilst staying up to date with the latest technologies. This practice ensures that your web application is fast and easy to use. During the consulting stages we will demonstrate to you what the best practices are and explain why they are used.

Development Process and pricing

Our application development process has been based on many years of software project management experience and ensures that all features of the system are implemented correctly along with assisting and ensuring the project is developed in line with the estimated budget and time frame.

Pricing is worked out on a per-project basis and is dependent on the time involved. Once the project is finished, the application belongs to you. We don't charge any ongoing licensing fees and you're free to host the application through any provider you choose.

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